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Custom 75g Space Invader Springs (100 pack)

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100 Custom ordered Space Invader switch springs to replace NMB Hi-Tek 725 switch springs.

Quick Info:

  • Approximate Weight: 75g
  • Length: 16mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel 302
  • $1.56 from each pack sold will be donated to the Bronx Zoo

     These replacement springs are made to address a few common issues with NMB's 725 series switches, commonly known as "Space Invaders" or "Angry Bears". Firstly the original springs have a tendency to get lost while opening the switches or even just pulling keycaps off; these new springs can not only replace the old ones but their shorter length and thus lower static load reduces the "jumping bean" effect so that they are less prone to being lost. Additionally their shorter length makes them much lighter on the top of the stroke, more similar to MX, Alps, and other common mechanical switches. 


Pricing breakdown:

     Prototypes: Free thanks to the generosity of Engicoder

     Cost of the springs: $2.13 

     Shipping to Teal Technik: $0.72

     Factory sorting: $0.10

     Teal Technik Labor and Shipping Packaging: $2.00

     Charity to Bronx Zoo: $1.45 (in lieu of compensation to engicoder/mandarbmax)


Team Info:

     Engicoder: Design and prototyping

     Mandarbmax: Manufacturer contact & QA testing

     Tymm0: Organization and shipping