Tribosys™ 3204 Lubricant - Teal Technik
Tribosys™ 3204 Lubricant - Teal Technik

Tribosys™ 3204 Lubricant

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This lubricant is a thick semi-fluid grease. Each container holds about 3 mL of lubricant. It should always be just a little more than 3 to ensure you get what you paid for. This is thinner than 205g0 and thicker than 3203.

3 mL should be more than enough to cover 250 switches depending on your technique.

Container is a glass tub with a metal screw-on top that has a gasket to keep it fresh and sealed. It is also very flat with a wide opening for easy access to the contents.

We at Teal Technik are not experts at lubing keyboards yet but we hope to grow with the community and learn.

There are many resources out there on the geekhack forum, reddit, and many youtube videos about it.

If you do have questions feel free to ask us and we can at least point you in the right direction.

  • Manufactured by Miller-Stephenson Chemical Co., Inc
  • I personally recommend you do some research to determine which is best for you as it can be subjective to your preferences

Disclaimer: Greases tend to bleed and release their base oils during storage. The rate of oil released from the grease will increase with time and vary based on the temperature at which it is stored. Ideally, grease should be stored in a cool, dry indoor area that does not exceed 86°F and remains above 32°F. When this happens you can just mix it back together.