SST60 PCB (Group Buy) - Teal Technik
SST60 PCB (Group Buy) - Teal Technik


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This group buy will run for 4 weeks along side a plate group buy configured for i-Rocks switches.

Fully open-sourced RP2040-based multi-layout 60% PCB by dededecline


  • RGB Underglow
  • RP2040 processor
  • MX ,Alps and i-Rocks compatible
  • Indicator light positions for Caps Lock and Esc
  • Standard tray mount
  • USB-C
  • Overcurrent and ESD protection
  • Flex meme cuts

We have tested these and confirmed they are working well with i-Rocks switches.

Part of the proceeds will be donated back to the PCB Designer

Please note if you include any in stock items in your purchase alongside group buy items all items will ship together once everything ordered is ready to ship to you.

Video Links:

i-Rocks 60% Freebird60 example build

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