Updates - Welcome! - 7/20/2019

Background: Hello we are a small family run store out of Pennsylvania.  A little over a year ago I took the dive into custom keyboards and am pretty deep now. I love them so much I wanted to do something to help the community. So I figured I would make some products more available and some unique products hand crafted by my family.

Here is what we are starting off with:

  • Gateron Switches - Brown and Red
  • Keycaps - Metal W, A, S, D keycaps for now
  • Wooden Wrist Rests - Handcrafted wooden keyboard and mouse wrist rests
    • Designed by me and another member of my family
    • Made by the other member of my family
  • Some Kailh box switches - Old stock - warning there have been reports of these causing damage to GMK caps but others have said they were fine

Plans for future products

  • Work is in progress for a few new ideas on our next round of wrist rests
  • Krytox 205g0 is in the mail now on its way here
  • Gateron Switches - Restock on Brown and Yellow will now be available as soon as they arrive
  • Cherry stabilizers will be available soon

Thanks for reading and enjoy. Feel free to contact us about what you might want to see available on our site and keep a look out for further updates when we get these new items in!