Teal 40Pad - Interest Check Phase

28-Mar-2020 - On hold for the time being

This is a preliminary IC for the following design. We wanted to get feedback on our plans before moving forward with prototyping.

The basic idea for the Teal 40Pad is a 40% Keyboard design with a numpad attached, supporting split RShift, split Space (2.25,2.75,1.25), 6u space and split 0.

Layout (updated 1/21/2020):

The proposed PCB specs are:

  • Open Source - Designed by u/Gondolindrim
  • Underglow (no PKRGB at this time)
  • USB C
  • Indicator Lights (placed vertically between numpad and modifiers)
  • MX switch compatibility
  • ARM Processor
  • Solderable (no hotswap at this time)

Also including latest features provided by Gondo’s designs:
  • Overcurrent and overvoltage protections
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection on data lines
  • TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) on the bus voltage power feed
  • Isolation from MCU and bus power rails by means of a pi-filter
  • PCB will be open-sourced and released under the Acheron Project

For the case:

Sandwich case option
  • PCB, Switch and base

Layered Acrylic case - Designed by u/Jolimon
  • High profile
  • Stepped design - top 2 layers stepped inwards
  • Small 3 degree incline built in to case
  • Rounded corners
  • Color Options - clear, smoke, black, white, red
  • Optional 2mm foam dampening layers that go between the plate and the PCB

Possible 3rd option for a 3d printed case but we would have to probably choose between this and acrylic to keep it simple.

Other info:
  • PCB design will start once initial IC is complete
  • Pricing target - at or under $200
  • US only
  • Estimated Dates
  • IC 1 - January 2020
  • Prototyping - Feb - Mar 2020
  • IC 2 - March 2020?
  • GB - TBD 2020
  • Shipping - TBD 2020?

Please everyone fill out the form:
Longest Google Form Ever - https://forms.gle/RV8kBEiEn44AhBGi9

For updates on this product or any group buy products you can visit our discord here: https://discord.gg/KX62Mh